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Brush Shaper 
Wash the brush in the water container, then rapidly pull the brush with slight rotation through the brush head projecting from the sponge to form a fine tip.
Crimp pliers - Silensor 
SILENSOR pliers for the production of a Silensor, For the simple positioning and clicking into place of the connecting parts of a Silensor. 720.506
Fusing Gun 
ERKOFLEX stick used to complete thermoformed parts out of ERKOFLEX, for example to combine an upper jaw splint with a lower jaw splint in order to construct a monoblock (positioner) or to fill gaps or similar when constructing mouthguards etc.
Hot Air Burner/Torch 
Ideal for the local softening and polishing of ERKOFLEX and ERKOFLEX 95 materials, without flame, no soot, no blackening.
Mixing Vessel 
Suitable for mixing of all liquids in the dental practice or laboratory.
Pressure Flask 
To polymerize autoacrylics with the Erkopress machine.
Special Scissors 
To cut out all soft thermoforming materials and hard foils up to max. 1.0 mm thickness.
High quality precision instrument for milling, drilling, setting attached models and tapping.
Working Block 
Made from special solid rubber, stable and slide-resistant.
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