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Forte 100 
Desktop type, Ergonomic design, Excellent durability, 0~50,000rpm High-powered Brushless motor
Forte 200 
Knee control type, Ergonomically designed, Excellent durability, 0~50,000rpm High-powered Brushless motor
Forte 300 
Economic desktop type, Compact style, Ergonomic design, Excellent durability, 0~40,000rpm High-powered Brushless motor
OZ Plus Brushless Motor 
Brushless Motor, Digital watch, Ultra slim design Handpiece, Strong torque at low speed, vertical/horizontal placement.
Strong 206-103L 
Simple and sharp design of the European style, 1,000~45,000rpm High-powered Carbon brush motor, Ergonomic design, Double output, Feedback control and automatic overload protection system, Right/Left turning ability, foot speed control.
Strong 207A/107 
Strong 207S/106 
45,000 RPM, Carbon brush motor, Right & Left turning ability, Overload protection
Strong 209A-107 
Micromotor 35,000 rpm. Compact and Economic design, variable speed foot speed control, circuit safety system.
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