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Cleanse S Ultrasonic 
Cleanse S+ Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler.Table top model. Supplied with three tips
Compact S Built in Scaler kit 
New upgraded circuit module with digital system works more accurately, Regulator controls output moderately for different levels of tartar.
Dmetec Scaler HP 
Dmetec Piezon Ultrasonic Scaler handpiece with EMS fitting.
J Morita Air Solfy 
Air Solfy is a high-precision instrument, and your patients will appreciate the highly effective smooth removal of plaque and other residuals. The well-balanced air-powered tip vibration feels soft and makes treatment effective and pleasant for the patient. Just try Air Solfy once and you'll be convinced.
TITANUS-E Ultrasonic piezo-electric scaler 
Ultrasonic piezo-electric scaler, EMS-compatible. Improved model with higher power and full compatibility with the whole range of EMS Inserts. The titanium transducer of the handpiece produces high reliability and greater power efficiency. Generated mechanical vibrations are absolutely linear and longitudinal. The scaler comes complete with one AX Insert and a 24-month guarantee. (EMS is a registered trademark of Electro Medical Systems SA)
TKD Airson Air Scaler 
AIRSON Pneumatic scaler for fast and simple tartar removal. The instrument can be used on any unit, in place of the turbine handpiece, without requiring any additional adjustment.
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