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Product name: DCI Medical Water Bottle 8164          
Manufacturer: DCI International
Product website:
Short description: 2 Litre pressurised nylon bottle for medical water systems. 750ml size also available

Product details:

DCI Heavy-Duty Bottle for Dental Unit Coolant Supply Systems

Many dental practices now use pressurized systems to supply coolant liquid to the handpiece control. The DCI Heavy-Duty Bottle is specifically engineered for this purpose. The bottled water and irrigating fluids that are commonly used in isolated coolant supply systems are normally packaged in bottles that are not designed to be pressurized. Transferring the liquids into the DCI Heavy-Duty Bottle assures safety and minimizes the chance of leakage.

Standard Features

  • Heavy wall construction, safely operated at normal water system pressure
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is compatible with coolant liquids used in dentistry
  • Can be used on most dental systems (with the Universal Manifold #8134 or #8119)
  • Bottle dimensions: (2 litre, 4" W X 13-7/8" H)




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