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Product name: Silensor sl          
Manufacturer: ERKODENT
Product website:
Short description: Silensor sl an individual solution for the patient, makes sure that snoring is decreased or prevented completely.

Product details:



Silensor-sl set. Contents: 2x Silensor-sl parts card (with connector, spacer holding pins, drilling shell, sl-protrusion-gauge, measuring template, spacers, anchor), 1x twist drill HSS 1.4 mm, 2x Erkodur 2.0 mm, 1x Erkoloc-pro 3.0 mm, 1x Erkoloc-pro blu 3.0 mm, 1x Erkolen 1.0 mm, 1x sample ERKOGUM lilac, 1x sample blocking out wax lilac, 1x Erkoskin, 2x Erkobox, 2x instructions for cleaning and maintenance of appliances, 10x Flyer, 2x Silensor-sl instructions.


Silensor-sl, Anti-Snore-Device. The new Silensor-sl allows propulsion movement, is easy to produce, the connectors are changeable easily and a light flexing of the double-S shaped connectors improves the wearing comfort.




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