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Product name: Erkoform 3D+          
Manufacturer: Erkodent Eric Kopp GmBh
Product website:
Short description: Ultra-rapid vacuum forming unit Erkoform 3d+ and 3d Motion

Product details:
ERKOFORM 3d+ & 3d Motion Ultra-rapid vacuum forming units


  • NO compressed air supply required!
  • No preheating time, heating element is immediately on heating temperature
  • Sudden vacuum, built up before thermoforming process (Pat. 19511064)
  • Novel, telescope-like, slewing foil frame
  • Now with more space for higher models
  • Perpendicular pre-stretching and forming produces results of even foil thicknesses
  • Completely accessible model during the heating process
  • Practical foil locating for foil thicknesses ranging from 0 to 5 mm
  • All data of the ERKODENT thermoforming materials are stored
  • Display conducted operating, you only choose type and thickness of foil
  • Confirm the indication and turn the foil underneath the heating element
  • Since the heating element immediately reaches the heating time, no preheating time will be needed anymore
  • For special applications the parameters can be individually changed
  • In addition, it will be possible to easily store future materials
  • As attachment our Occluform-3 is available, an occludator integrated into a thermoforming unit (Pat. 19915567) - directly imprint the opposing bite in the ERKOFORM-3d+ or 3d Motion
  • New fully auto Erkoform 3d Motion now available

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