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Product name: Erkopress 300 TP-ci          
Manufacturer: ERKODENT
Product website:
Short description: Unit ready to use, just "plug and play". The 300 Tp-ci includes a high performance compressor with reserve compressed air. Thus, it is not dependent on a compressed air system.

Product details:
  • Dimentions H 30 cm / W 35 cm / D 51 cm,
  • weight app. 20.6 kg,
  • reserve pressure: 7 bar,
  • operating voltage: 230 (or 110) Volts, 50 Hertz,
  • Wattage: 480 Watt


  • The mode of operation and running is identical to the ERKOPRESS 300 Tp.
  • The 300 Tp-ci is additionally equipped with an integrated powerful compressor with reserve compressed-air. With it the unit is independant of a compressed-air system that would possibly have to be installed (pat. 19518211)
  • Application field: pressure forming unit for all applications in the dental thermoforming technique.
  • Usage: touchless temperature sensor for accurate determination of the actual thermoforming material temperature. No preheating time. Vertical forming without delay for even foil thicknesses. Completely accessible model during the heating process. High operating safety by automatic switch-off. Program-controlled function and running.

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