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Product name: Sturdy LC01 Lubrication Unit          
Manufacturer: Sturdy Industrial Co. Ltd
Product website:
Short description: Cleans, lubricates and maintaines handpieces in one process. Fully automatic micro-processor control 4 handpieces per cycle - fast and efficient.supplied with 3 high speed outlets and one slow speed outlet. Three time cycles depending on gearing complexity of the HP. Easy and straight forward to operate.

Product details:
1. The perfect solution for:
  • Fast and efficient maintenance
  • Different brands
  • High and low speed handpieces.
2. The automatic rotation function during the cycle guarantees that each handpiece is cleaned and lubricated correctly.

3. The front cover can be completely removed by one touch button, and easy to clean.

4. The solution tank with oil level indicator is located at the front of the unit and indicates the volume of oil in the tank clearly.

5. Push the "AIR" button, this enables operate or flush out all residual solution.

6. The L-Type power cord plug allows this unit to be installed on the wall or the table.

7. The adaptor can be used for most handpieces of different brands.

8. Easy and elegant function control panel:
  • Short cycle for high speeds.
  • Long cycle for low speeds.
  • Extra long cycle for speed reduction  handpieces.


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