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Product name: Blocking out/Scan/modelling waxes          
Product website:
Short description: Blocking out wax, Scan waxes, modelling waxes - oxide free and containing oxide, milling wax.

Product details:

Blocking out wax

Very high melting point, good modelling abilities.

Lilac: optically strongly opaque-lilac, contains titanoxide. 50g. 725.055

Transparent: for the thermoforming technique, oxide free. 50g. Oxide free.

Scan Waxes

Scan was blue for Sirona scanner. Scan wax green for Kavo scanner.

Modelling Waxes - Oxide Free

Beige 50g 725.065  Blue 50g  725.070

Milling wax - oxide free Green 50g. 725.085

Modelling Waxes - containing oxide 50g.

opaque-light beige  725.165  opaque-Blue  725.170  opaque-Grey  725.190  opaque-Orange,slightly softer  725.195  Milling wax-containing oxide opaque-Green 725.185

Cervical Wax 50g oxide free

Red 725.185  Orange 725.075  Violet 725.090

Waxes by DTM Thiel

Have a high inner stability, are stable, hard, have best scraping and milling properties, do not smear, are very formable in plastified condition and have an extremely low contraction.

The oxide free waxes, conbustable without residues, are also suited when casting ceramics.

Aesthetic waxes contain for optical reasons 0.2% non-combustible parts (titanoxide). As per the norm, these may be marked as conbustible without residues, however, they are not suited when casting ceramics.


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